Group of cyclists riding a race in the sun

The Amgen Bike Tour is returning for another epic cycling race through California. Stopping at a number of magnificent locations—including our own Santa Barbara—it will impress viewers with its world-class athletes, exciting new ways to follow the race, and VIP offerings. These are some of the main things you need to know about attending the Amgen Bike Tour:

What The Tour Is

The Amgen Bike Tour of California is a prestigious annual cycling event that draws many of the world’s top-ranked competitors. The seven-day stage-race is the only men’s event in the U.S. on the UCI World Tour, stretching more than 600 miles from Long Beach all the way up to Sacramento.

Where The Host Cities Are

Those following the Amgen Bike Tour  race can use it as a means to visit some of California’s most beloved destinations, like Lake Tahoe, along with spots not usually on travelers’ radars, like tech hub San Jose and rural King City. Those staying in Santa Barbara at the time can easily head to the bypasses in nearby Ventura, and at Gibraltar Road in Santa Barbara County.

The Best Ways To Enjoy The Race

Those in town when the race passes through Santa Barbara can check the event website for information on where and when to catch the riders as the pedal through our coastal city. For those who want to see more than just the Santa Barbara stages, check out the many VIP opportunities available, including car-rides that let you move along with the race itself. And the free tour-tracker app by Microsoft will let you track riders during all of the Amgen Bike Tour’s stages.


This year’s Amgen Tour of California will run May 13-19th. Book here to stay with Hotel Milo this spring. Find more information about the race on the event website here.