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Figueroa Mountain Brewing is a family business set on making the best brews possible. In just five short years Figueroa has blossomed into Santa Barbara’s top brewing location. You can find a Fig Mountain (as the locals call it) at almost any restaurant in the city and its open tasting room down in the Funk Zone. For a little guidance on what to order, here are some of our favorites:

Lizard’s Mouth IIPA

Named after the famous local rock face in the Santa Ynez Mountains, Lizard’s Mouth is a hard hitting yet light and fruity brew. Notes of mango, papaya and pineapple lift this IIPA away from the usual bitterness associated with heavier beers leaving a fresh and fruity aftertaste.

Lizard’s Mouth has won many awards like the gold medal for the 2015 Meininger International Craft Beer Awards, silver medal in Denver’s International Beer Competition and Best Craft Beer by the Full Pint poll.

Zero To Sexy

This deceptively smooth, mocha-like brew is a remarkably enticing treat. The stout like density is hidden by its handsome golden color. The rich coffee flavor and chocolatey aftertaste are the best of the dessert and beer worlds coming together.

Weiss Weiss Baby Hopped

This German-style light beer has tastes of fresh cut grass, hints of baked bread and finishes with a little kick of spice all wrapped up in one. Packaged in sleek, little cans, these are the perfect brews to take out to a sunset hike or beach time game.

Paradise Rd Pilsner

Paradise Road leads into the Los Padres National Forest ,which inspired this sweet, hoppy lager. Paradise Rd is another one of Figueroa’s most famous, award-winning beers with over nine titles and medals in the last 2 years. Let this wheat brew settle with honeysuckle after notes that leave a refreshing after-buzz and a smile on your face.

Hurricane Deck DIPA

Santa Barbara has its fair share of hiking trails, but Hurricane Deck is one of the toughest. This brew has a blend of four hops that make its rugged taste perfectly reflect its well-earned name. Strong resinous pine and ground spices make for a classic West Coast hops smell and flavor. This honey amber brew is deceptively light and deliciously bitter.

Check out Figueroa’s events calendar for specials and events!

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