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Bike riding here in Santa Barbara is as much a part of the local culture as going to the beach, hiking or watching the sunset on warm evenings. People here love to get outside and be active, so on your next trip take advantage of the opportunity to combine exercise with stunning ocean views and winding mountain roads.

Ellwood Mesa

This is the perfect spot for cyclists of all levels, with countless dirt paths weaving along bluffs that face the ocean, and smooth, accessible pathways. Come here and enjoy spectacular views while getting lost in the trails. For those looking to get extra kicks, the Eucalyptus Grove is home to thousands of Monarch Butterflies in the winter, a true spectacle.

Romero Loop

For a difficult but gorgeous mountain bike ride, head to Romero Canyon. A popular trail for cyclists and hikers, the loop will take you up about six miles and reward you with a stunning ocean view from the top. Make sure to watch your speed, bring a bike bell and get ready to sweat!

Elings Park

Elings Park is a great spot for intermediate riders; here you can find trails of varying difficulty offering equal beauty and fun. Located near Downtown and several popular beaches, you can spend an afternoon exploring the park without getting too far away from it all.

Gibraltar Road

A trek up and down Gibraltar Road provides some of the best sights in Santa Barbara, but you’ll have to work for them! This trip is not for beginner cyclists; the mountain path climbs nine miles before you reach the top, which is challenging for even the fittest athletes. Still, the panoramic views of the ocean and winding downhill ride at dusk is well worth it.

Jesusita Trail

The Jesusita Out and Back trail is yet another beautiful bike ride in Santa Barbara. In the shade of oak trees, this path will take you along a creek down from the popular Inspiration Point. At about 3.5 miles, this is a great spot for intermediate riders who want to experience the essence of the Santa Ynez foothills.