Thankfully we have not been affected by the Sherpa Fire burning in Padres National Forest.

In Refugio Canyon, about 23 miles north of Santa Barbara, a brush fire has swelled to more than 7,500 acres. A crew of more than 1,200 firefighters are working night and day to contain the fire and are hopeful that the cooler air this week will help in attacking the fire. Luckily, the mountains of Downtown Santa Barbara were not affected and the views are clear as can be from our oceanfront hotel.

Santa Barbara is a relaxed beachside town with views that encompass mountains, vineyards and the Pacific Ocean. We genuinely appreciate our surroundings and are devastated by this news and concerned for those affected by the fire.

For official sources of emergency information, visit Sherpa Fire Alerts posted by the County of Santa Barbara—just in case you were curious about your upcoming visit.