Holiday suitcase

Santa Barbara style is all about ease, comfort and flexibility. Here, everyone strives for a casual elegance that can take you from breakfast on the beach to evening cocktails downtown. So while packing can be kept to a minimum, here is our guide to the essentials you’ll need to fully enjoy your time in this beautiful beach town:


Santa Barbara is naturally photogenic. While you won’t need a nice camera to capture the beauty here, you will probably want one anyways. Take advantage of the scenery and get creative. From sailboats in the harbor to spectacular mountain views, this city is begging to be made into a postcard.

Picnic Blanket

Even if picnics aren’t your style, you will probably want a portable throw or blanket to lay down on a beach or park at some point during your stay. With so many outdoor destinations in Santa Barbara, you should plan to spend at least one day lounging outside, and a picnic blanket is the perfect accessory to make that afternoon comfortable and convenient.

All-Day Shoes

As mentioned before, Santa Barbara style is all about flexibility. Wake up every day and prepare to be out and about until the sun goes down with shoes that will be comfortable all day long. They should be easily slipped on and off for quick trips to the beach, durable for walking up and down State Street and stylish enough to make you feel good in all the pictures you will be taking!

Sunscreen and Swimwear

This one probably goes without saying, but it’s important to know that no matter what time of year you are visiting, you should be prepared for good weather and some beach or pool time. Santa Barbara is typically sunny and warm year-round so always pack a bathing suit, and while nothing beats going home with a California tan, don’t forget sunscreen as well.

Light Sweater

On any trip to Santa Barbara, you can expect to spend a lot of time outdoors, which is why, despite the great weather, you should pack a sweater to keep you warm on nights spent dining or drinking outside. From beach bonfires to evening strolls, you’ll want something cozy and portable that allows you to make the most of each day.