With much of Santa Barbara’s appeal coming from its classic attributes — its physical beauty, its natural splendor, and its warm and creative culture — there’s always plenty of reason to visit the city. In addition to the standard appeal of Santa Barbara, the city offers a host of new reasons to visit, including restaurants, vineyards and performing art.

Here are some of the best Santa Barbara attractions and things to do in 2015:

New Restaurants

Building on Santa Barbara’s renowned restaurant scene, there are a few brand new establishments that are sure to impress in the new year. Los Agaves is a relatively new Mexican restaurant, sourcing the incomparable influence of Mexican cuisine on Southern California restaurants to serve top quality meals to the city. Yellow Belly has the warm, tavern-esque vibe of a great American restaurants alongside an awesome menu and impressive list of craft beers on tap. Both of these spots are great examples of how Santa Barbara will be an incredible place to eat in 2015.


Wine tours and tastings have always been popular reasons to visit Santa Barbara, and 2015 isn’t any different. With advancements in the field — including drone technology and improved farming techniques — Santa Barbara’s world-renowned wine scene is only improving. Be sure to take a Santa Barbara wine tour or attend some tastings in 2015 to sample some of what makes our region in incomparable destination for a wine connoisseur.

Santa Barbara Bowl

The Santa Barbara Bowl is one of the most famous highly acclaimed music venues in California. WIth its amphitheatre-style design and hilltop location, the atmosphere is nothing short of incredible. Though much of the upcoming season’s calendar is yet to be announced, there’s one thing to be sure of: the Bowl will attract some great performers. For example, some of 2014’s best shows at the bowl included Foster the People, James Taylor, and Lorde. It’s safe to say that the Santa Barbara Bowl will have a whole lot offer music fans and performing arts gurus in 2015.