aerial view of santa barabara beach with mountains in the backgroundThe Pacific Ocean is one of the most sought after destinations for California travelers, and Santa Barbara has a number of amazing attractions along it. Looking to beaches and iconic destinations, these are the spots you have to see along the Santa Barbara Waterfront.

Stearns Wharf

Locate across the street from Hotel Milo, Stearns Wharf is the most well known Santa Barbara Waterfront attraction. Come here to find a variety of seafood restaurants, souvenir shops, and storefronts where you can taste wine, book watersports excursions. When coming to eat, we recommend burgers and fish at Char West, an upscale wines and steaks at Harbor Restaurant.

Leadbetter Beach

Leadbetter Beach is one of the more popular and beautiful beaches in Southern California. Located at the bottom of Leadbetter Hill, it’s home to elevated coastal walking trails with brilliant views. It’s also a renowned spot for beginning surfers, windsurfers, and sailors.

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Located right on the water, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum is a well-curated collection of artifacts and exhibits looking into the area’s rich maritime history. Stop by on your coastal stroll and discover all of the different ways the coast has influenced this community over the years.

Shoreline Park

Another picturesque coastal attraction in Santa Barbara, Shoreline Park is a skinny bit of land right on the ocean. Walk along coastal walkways and enjoy views of the city and water, or take some time to relax and sunbathe on your next visit.

Arroyo Burro Beach County Park

Arroyo Burro Beach is also known as Hendry’s Beach, and it’s another breathtaking beach park in Santa Barbara County. Set at the foot of the Santa Barbara Coastal bluffs, Arroyo Burro has an epic grandeur in its sunken, hidden home beneath these powerful cliffs. The park also extends up into these hills where more attractions like the Douglas Family Preserve offer treetop walkways and excellent overlooks of the Pacific Coast.