Women sitting on exercise mat with legs crossed and hands on knees. Female meditating in lotus pose at yoga class, Padmasana. Cropped shot.

Whether you come to Santa Barbara to work or to relax, why not take advantage of the many unique and interesting classes available here? Make your next trip one for new experiences and skills with these five exciting classes:

Market Forays  

Sign up for a Saturday with Market Forays and experience a cooking class unlike any you’ve seen before. Participants meet at the Santa Barbara Harbor at 8:00am to buy the freshest seafood in town before heading to C’est Cheese and the Farmers Market for the rest of their ingredients. A gourmet meal is then prepared and enjoyed in a home as guests learn not only how to create a delicious lunch, but also how to enjoy the process.

Market Forays. Harbor Way. 805 259 7229.

Glass Blowing  

Santa Barbara Art Glass offers a unique opportunity in SB to learn a highly specialized skill and bring home a beautiful treasure. Sign up for a private, two-hour glass blowing class and be taught by the owner himself how to create stunning pieces. Guests receive detailed instruction and guidance as they design an object of their choice.

Santa Barbara Art Glass. 706 E Mason Street. 805 965 1541.

Brazilian Dance and Capoeira  

The newly arrived Brasil Arts Cafe is a haven in Santa Barbara for those who love everything Brazilian. In addition to great food, drinks and music, this spot also offers a variety of classes every month including Brazilian Dance and Capoeira. Try a session with Capoeira Sul da Bahia and discover this special kind of martial arts that combines history, culture and movement.

Brazil Arts Cafe. 1230 State Street Suite C. 805 845 7656.

The Painted Cabernet  

Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, The Painted Cabernet in Santa Barbara is a hilariously entertaining way to spend an evening painting and drinking wine. Sign up with a friend and enjoy step-by-step instructions on how to recreate a painting while you sip local wine and relax. Find the schedule on the website and keep an eye out for a class that features a piece of art you love so you can have something to take home with you!

The Painted Cabernet. 1229 State Street. 805 963 9979.

Salt Cave Classes  

The Himalayan Salt Cave hidden below State Street is an incredible place to relax and rejuvenate. Once downstairs, you will find a meditative space with a crushed salt floor and soothing minerals embedded in the walls. Classes offered here include Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Sound Healing, and Reiki Cleansing.

Salt Cave. 740 State Street. 805 963 7258.