Paraglider landing on a beach. Oludeniz, Turkey.

While we do have an excellent theater and arts scene, indoor attractions have never been Santa Barbara’s main calling card. For a little rundown on some of the more memorable experiences you can have when staying at Hotel Milo, here are five outdoor adventures in Santa Barbara.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding excursions are available in and around Santa Barbara for first timers, experts and everybody in between. Treks range from along the water on Shoreline Beach to up-high trails in the nearby Santa Ynez Mountains!

Winery Bike Tour

What better way to explore Wine Country than by peddling through its sprawling vineyards? From short loops through nearby Los Olivos and Solvang to fifteen-mile rides to the renowned Rusack Winery in Ballard Canyon, local companies offer a welcoming range of difficulties and destinations.

Kayak Channel Islands National Park

Twenty five miles off the coast from Santa Barbara, Channel Islands National Park is a breathtaking collection of islands that’s best explored by kayak. One can paddle into the dark caves and secluded,clearwater coves, and then go some scuba diving in the famous kelp forests all on a single excursion.


The combination of mountains and beach coast makes Santa Barbara one of the world’s most visually dynamic places to view from the sky. Take a lesson or tandem flight with a professional and jump off a nearby cliff for an adrenaline-fueled sightseeing tour that you’ll never forget.


When there’s ocean, there’s fishing. Charters are plentiful in and around Santa Barbara, and they’re all well equipped to lead you to bass, halibut and barracuda in nearby waters. Many of these excursions are either a half or three-quarter day tours with lunches, professional baiting assistance, safety equipment and cutting-edge fish-finding technology.