Channel Islands National Park protects a collection of five islands (and the waters between them) just over ten miles offshore from Santa Barbara. Guests of Hotel Milo can take a trip with Santa Barbara Adventure Company for affordable boat rides to guided activities around the park.

Here are our top five can’t-miss activities while you’re there:

Kayaking Tours


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Navigate sea caves in a kayak at Channel Islands National Park with your friends and family. Excursions leaving from Santa Barbara and nearby Ventura Harbor cater to those of all levels of experiences (guided lessons are available).

Whale Watching

The surrounding waters are home to nearly thirty different types of whales and dolphins over the course of the year. See Grey Whales in the spring, Blue, Minke and Humpback whales (as well as the rare Right Whale and Orca) in the summer, and dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions all year long. Add some beers into the mix on this excursion with Captain Jack’s Tours.

Scuba Diving


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Dive through the region’s awe-inspiring kelp forests and spot sea lions, bat rays and giant black sea bass. You can choose from both single and multi-day trips offered around Santa Barbara and Ventura.

Hiking and Camping

Each of the five Channel Islands features hiking trails that can range from the flat, marked trails on Anacapa to mountainous, unmarked paths on Santa Rosa. Pick and choose your ideal trek from this expansive Channel Island’s Trail Guide, and then island hop on a public boat from Ventura Harbor Village to get to your preferred trails. For something with a bit more guidance and variety, check out this multi-day hiking, kayaking and camping trip with Aquasports.

Sight Seeing

Guests of the Hotel Milo and Santa Barbara may not have the time or adventurous rigor to indulge in a full day of scuba diving or kayaking, but that’s no reason not to visit the islands. Ventura Harbor offers easy, affordable boat ride tours of Channel Islands National Park in all of its undisturbed glory.


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