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On on May 19, oil from an 11-mile pipeline spilled into the waters of Santa Barbara County and onto the shore of Refugio State Beach, located about 23 miles north of Santa Barbara.  The U.S. Coast Guard responded almost immediately and were able to cease the spillage by later that afternoon. Luckily, our beaches were not affected and the water looks as clear as can be from our oceanfront hotel.

The beauty of Santa Barbara is in the relaxed beachside living and views that stretch from beaches to mountains to vineyards. We genuinely appreciate this beauty around us each day; we are devastated by this news and concerned for our neighboring beaches and their wildlife.

We will be on the lookout for any volunteer opportunities, but it appears that the Coast Guard has this under control already. Plains All American Pipeline has hired professional cleanup crews, so no volunteers are being requested. However, anyone wishing to volunteer can visit

Visit Santa Barbara has put together this great FAQ just in case you were curious about your upcoming visit.

Update –  July 20:

Just in case you were wondering – although Hotel Milo’s beach was unaffected, Refugio Beach is looking better than ever. See below photos of the beach as well as the latest updates from Visit Santa Barbara

ElCapitanStateBeach_4552  RefugioStateBeach_4502 RefugioStateBeach_4510 RefugioStateBeach_4540