Four young people at a piece of pizza

Santa Barbara is a hot spot for late night activities all week long. From shows at the clubs, to bar crawling or a midnight movie premiere, you are sure to find yourself out after normal hours at some point when visiting. Luckily there are several food joints here to satisfy.

Barbarians Pizza

Located on the lower end of State Street, Barbarians Pizza provides til 2:30am, seven days a week. Although the crowds in here can be high-spirited and a bit rowdy after a late night show, the slices are well worth it. This New York-style pizza hub serves it how you like it, by the slice with your choice from a plethora of toppings. If pizza isn’t your thing, Barbarians also does cheesy garlic fries, crisp chicken tenders and a variety of juicy burgers.

After Dark

This hole in the wall is more than it seems. After Dark opens up when the venue it is located at (Velvet Jones) closes down. The menu is short and sweet with mac n’ cheese, fries and tots and a waffle sammie. While this seems basic enough, toppings like jalapenos, basil and crispy bacon are what make this mac n’ cheese so savory. If you find yourself down this part of State Street at late night with an extra $7, we highly recommend ordering yourself a bowl or two.

Blue Owl

Open till 2:30am Friday and Saturday nights, this tucked away little cafe is without a doubt one of the best places to eat in Santa Barbara. Thai basil cheeseburgers, peanut butter burger and a variety of egg rolls (like red curry shrimp or veggie eggplant) can be found on their late night menu. This is one of the less packed after-hour joints if you are looking for fewer crowds with solid food options.

Freebirds World Burrito

Located in northern Santa Barbara, Freebirds has become world famous for their 24-hour Mexican cuisine. Although the nachos may be the best thing on the menu, give the quesarito, an epic combo of a burrito and quesadilla, a try. Every topping has options, from a variety of juicy meats to every kind of salsa possible, offered in a build it your way dining option that has become a highlight for many locals and visitors alike. Delicious local secret: Ask for BBQ sauce with your nachos.