On your next visit to Santa Barbara you’ll probably find yourself inspired to get outdoors and get fit. With so many gorgeous spots for a run, why not add some excitement to your exercise routine? Check out one of these great places for your vacation workout:

Romero Canyon

Romero Canyon, located in the foothills behind Summerland, can be adapted for different levels of runnings and range from a short jaunt to an extended 9-mile run, depending on what you’re looking for. No matter what you decide, you’ll be sure to appreciate the shady groves of sycamore and oak trees on any sunny day.

Santa Barbara Waterfront

The classic Santa Barbara workout is anything done along the beautiful stretch of coast from beginning at the Mesa and extending down past Stearns Wharf, even beyond into Montecito by Butterfly Beach. While you’ll surely spend plenty of time in this area on your next trip, we recommend incorporating into a morning jog or run as well! Any time of day, you’ll love the unobstructed views of some of SB’s best beaches.

Santa Barbara City College

The Santa Barbara City College stadium is open to the public and conveniently located down from the Harbor and across the street from the popular Leadbetter Beach. While it isn’t the most glamorous of spots the city has to offer, it is an excellent place for anyone looking to easily track their distance, practice sprints, or incorporate other types of training into their workout, including climbing the stadium. If you’re going to train hard, might as well have an ocean view!

Hendry’s Beach Loop

One of local’s favorite spots for a beach walk or run is the Hendry’s Beach Loop, including either the Douglas Family Preserve on the Mesa or the Thousand Steps to the beach (or both!)

With a path that’s easily changed up, it’s also a dog friendly area and offers gorgeous ocean views. This neighborhood is usually foggier than Downtown, so on super hot days, come here in the morning for a cooler workout.

Ellwood Bluffs

Located out on the northern edge of Goleta, Ellwood Bluffs provides a rugged beauty that’s hard to find in Downtown Santa Barbara and is definitely worth checking out. Including a Monarch Butterfly nature preserve in the heart of a Eucalyptus Grove, stunning beach bluffs, and an often deserted beach favored by coastal birds, this property truly has it all. Nature-lovers, bikers, runners, and tourists alike love this spot for it’s extensive paths and running trails, and we’re certain it will be one of your favorites, too.