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Rolling hills, lush valleys, sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, and the warm Southern California sun are all key characteristics of Santa Barbara easily enjoyed with a steady stroll or leisurely jog. But there’s nothing quite like a long, peaceful bike ride along the Santa Barbara coastline. Fortunately, Hotel Milo’s complimentary beach cruiser bicycles make exploring Santa Barbara a breeze.

Milo offers guests access to an onsite collection of chic, vintage-style bikes, as well as storage for guests’ personal two-wheeled rides. The front desk staff will provide maps and insider information on local trails and places to ride, as well as water bottles, chapstick, sunscreen and healthy snacks. For more info about becoming a Milo cyclist, click here.

One of the best and most popular rides is the Santa Barbara coastline. Featuring nearly 80 miles of Pacific coastline, Santa Barbara County offers riders what’s arguably the best oceanside biking in the United States. The challenging Santa Ynez Mountains also provide riders with exceptional and unique terrain. For those who enjoy the community and friendships made through riding bikes, visitors should join one of several bike groups that are more than open to newcomers and temporary members.

From the people, to the landscape, to this hipper than thou hotel, a bike rider really can’t go wrong in Santa Barbara. Hotel Milo’s complimentary bikeshare program will take the hassle out of touring this city.