What’s the biggest Ficus macrophylla you’ve ever seen? Don’t worry—it’s a tree. The Moreton Bay Fig Tree here in Santa Barbara is believed to be the largest of its kind in the U.S.

This massive tree stands 80 feet tall and has a canopy of nearly 200 feet in diameter. Five feet off the ground, the tree has a circumference of over 40 feet, and its trunks and roots resemble a magnificent web of bowing tubes.

During your stay at Hotel Milo, it’ll be hard to miss the Moreton Bay Fig Tree when exploring Santa Barbara. Grab a few tacos from Lilly’s across the street from the tree, add in some cold pressed deliciousness from Juice Ranch or a coffee from the Santa Barbara Roasting Company, and curate a lovely picnic under this extraordinary piece of nature.

An historic landmark listed in the California Register of Big Trees, this behemoth is a point of local pride and legend. A sailor visited town in the late 1800s, the story goes, and gave some tree seeds to a local girl who planted them on State Street. Afterwards, the girl’s friend  moved the growing seedling to its current location. Details of the movement and the sailor are scarce (well, nonexistent, actually), but we think the minimal explanation only adds to the general mystique surrounding the great tree.

image via flickr