A trip to Santa Barbara isn’t complete without stopping by the Funk Zone. It seems as though every city these days has an enclave of hip artists, tastemakers and stars of the creative class – Santa Barbara is no different. These types converge in the Funk Zone, and the result is a neighborhood brimming with galleries, hip cafes and microbreweries.

The art scene has a prominent presence in the Funk Zone and inspires the eclectic vibe of this neighborhood. A must see in the Funk Zone is The Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCA Santa Barbara). As the premier venue for contemporary art between Los Angeles and San Francisco, MCA Santa Barbara is viewed as a major player in the national and international art scene. In addition to having over 27,000 works of art on display, past exhibits have included work by icons such as Degas, Picasso, Rothko and Van Gogh. The museum also curates modern art, including more progressive and cutting edge artists as well.

Art in the Funk Zone isn’t limited only to the contemporary museum; art walks are hosted on a regular basis and are a fantastic way to experience the neighborhood on foot. The Santa Barbara Art Foundry brings art to life and offers tours every five minutes seven days a week.

From wine to local distilleries, there are ample opportunities to learn more about the local winemaking and distillery culture. The Urban Wine Trail is perfect for the wine lover looking to become more familiar with the wine landscape in Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley. This self-guided tour offers an opportunity to explore tasting rooms all within blocks of each other. If you are fascinated by the distillery process, don’t miss Cutler’s Artisan Spirit, a small local distillery that offers regular tastings.