One of our favorite places to send guests on the hunt for something unique and fun in Santa Barbara is the local garden. An expensive place to view thousands of varieties of plants, and learn about the local lands, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has much to offer.

First, Get Up and Go

Open throughout the day, everyday throughout the year, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is quite easy to visit. Admission is only $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, and $8 for children, so it shouldn’t be the most expensive part of your fun Santa Barbara vacation. You can book tours of its library and Herbarium on the website.

Check Out Variety of Gardens

We are fans of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, because it does an exceptional job at giving visitors glimpses into many facets of the local region’s diverse climate and landscape. Look at over 1,000 different taxa of plants in areas like the Canyon Section, Redwood Section, Woodland Trail, Desert Section, and Meadow.

Look Into Classes and Events

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is as great a place to interact with as it is to visit. Before you visit, check out its ever-changing calendar of events and classes and see if anything tickles your fancy. Some examples include Trails ‘n’ Tails, which is a dog-friendly day, Free Seniors Day, and Bringing The Wild Inside, which is a flower-arrangement making class.

Get In Touch with Conservation Efforts

The Garden is also home to a number of conservation and research programs that are both educational and proactive. When you visit, speak to one of the workers there and they will teach you how you can get involved in local advocacy, learn about what they’re doing, and work to protect and restore the earth.

Get Out Into Nature

While it’s all nature-focused, The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a curated look into many different areas, species, and plants native to Southern and Central California. One of the coolest things you can do after visiting is to go out and find local canyons, forests, and meadows to explore for yourself.