Summer is going full steam ahead, which means that fall semesters at colleges and universities around the country are coming up. For some information about move-in days at University of California Santa Barbara and Westmont College, check out our guide below.

University of California Santa Barbara

UCSB is a proud staple of the local Santa Barbara community, and the most well-known and largest college in the area. For those who are wondering, Move-In Weekend for the 2018 Fall Quarter will begin on Saturday, September 22nd. Check the UCSB Housing page for information on student residence halls and apartments.

It’s important to note that the Fall Quarter officially begins that same day. The 2018 Fall New Student Convocation at University of California Santa Barbara will take place on Monday, September 24th.

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Westmont College

Westmont College is a lovely school in Santa Barbara, located just a fifteen-minute drive from Hotel Milo. Their Orientation Team is excited to welcome students to their new homes on Thursday, August 23rd to kick off Move-In Weekend. In case you missed the memo. Your move-in time is based on your residence hall and floor, and you can check how they correspond here.

Some important Westmont College move-in information for students moving into Page, Clark, or Emerson—you can enter a second entrance on La Paz Road. Students moving into Van Kampen, Armington, or GLC can use the lower entrance on the left on Cold Spring Road.

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Other Santa Barbara Schools

Most other Santa Barbara colleges and universities are commuter schools and graduate schools. For information on coming to visit any of them, check out our list of local school profiles here.

Explore Santa Barbara

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