Silhouettes of People Holding Gay Pride Symbol FLag

Santa Barbara has long been a refuge for the socially liberal and spiritually uplifted. For years, the city has sustained an open and LGBT community. Travelers interested in connecting with locals should check out these popular LGBT happenings and establishments around town with this guide to Santa Barbara’s best LGBT meetups and bars.

Santa Barbara Lesbian Group Meetup

Tap into the various lesbian-friendly events in the city with the Santa Barbara Lesbian Meetup Group. This casual collective brings like-minded women together for an array of different activities such as happy hours, dinners, days at the beach, movies, and more. For guaranteed acceptance and good vibes, download the Meetup app and look up how to get together with the Santa Barbara Lesbian Group Meetup here.

The Santa Barbara Trans Meetup Group

Like the lesbian meetup group, the Santa Barbara Trans Meetup Group provides a platform for transgendered individuals, and any other interested parties, to find sanctity in a place where commercial gender labels don’t apply. With an open mind, join in a group discussion or take part in a fun cultural activity. To learn more about this proactive group, learn more here.

Paddy’s Cocktail Lounge

Paddy’s Cocktail Lounge is one of the most well-known and popular gay-friendly bars in the Santa Barbara area. Known for their picturesque outdoor patio and multiple dance floors, this is a great place to meet people and let loose. For those who aren’t crazy about dancing, Paddy’s also has pool tables, darts, and a reputation for making strong drinks.

For more information on the local LGBT scene, check out the Pacific Pride Foundation, Santa Barbara’s premier force on LGBT social ventures and political works.