green market

In a world where mass-produced food is frozen and shipped from coast to coast, acquiring genuinely fresh food is something that takes an active effort. Here in Santa Barbara, that effort is made a bit easier by the Farmstand at Fairview Gardens. This neighborhood farmers’ market uses its own fields — along with local vendors and farms — to provide an eclectic, fresh-as-can-be collection of produce and other items.

Fairview’s own fields provide much of the farm stand’s produce. The group sources its other items through nearby vendors in the Santa Barbara area and other nearby counties. The farm stand’s website depicts its painstaking method of selection and sourcing: “Our produce ordering philosophy is to look first to our own fields, then to other local growers, then to farmers county wide and finally regionally, to meet the diverse needs of our shoppers.”

In addition to an allegiance to local and fresh vegetables, Fairview Gardens Farm Stand also functions as a proprietor for many local food brands. Braggs Live Food Products offers an array of organic apple cider vinegar drinks. D’Angelo’s Bread provides savory baked goods and premium coffee. Sweet Lady Cook takes a caring, grassroots approach to producing seasonal preserves void of any additives or artificial ingredients. Additionally, the Farmstand hosts the Santa Barbara Pistachio Company, Santa Barbara Popcorn Company, and more.

Local Vendors Sold at Fairview Gardens Farm Stand:

  • Braggs Live Food Products
  • D’Angelo Breads
  • Fat Uncle Farms
  • Handlebar Coffee Roasters
  • Santa Barbara Pistachio Company
  • Santa Barbara Popcorn Company
  • San Marcos Honey Growers
  • Sweet Lady Cook

Farms and vineyards are a major part of Santa Barbara’s dynamic geological landscape and natural appeal. The city’s dining scene is fueled by the presence of fresh fare and locally grown produce throughout Santa Barbara’s extensive restaurant scene and visits to wine vineyards are common amongst travelers. The farmstand offers another way to enjoy the area’s lush environment. To break up the monotony of eating out for every meal of your California vacation, swing by the Fairview Gardens Farm Stand and enjoy some genuinely fresh food.

Fairview Gardens Farm Stand
598 N Fairview Avenue
Goleta, CA 93117