Hugging the southern coast of California, Santa Barbara is a jumping off point for marine-inspired travelers of all kinds. For those looking to keep it classic by spending a day in the warm sun letting their line drift deep into the Pacific Ocean, here are some of Hotel Milo’s favorite local fishing charters.

Sea Landing

Sea Landing is a local excursion company that offers whale watching, jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving and fishing. Their full, three-quarter and half-day excursions take guests along the coast on the hunt for both surface and deepwater fish. From rockfish to barracuda, the bounty on this charter is eclectic and plentiful.

Western Gull

On the more luxurious side, Western Gull takes passengers out for peaceful single day sails and multi-day cruises where they can spend a full day casting and reeling. On your way in or out of Hotel Milo, spend a night on the water and catch some California yellowtail and white seabass.

Stardust Sportfishing

Both of Stardust Sportfishing’s boats serve for great days out on the water. Stay hydrated and well-fed thanks to their on-the-water galleys with  breakfast burritos and cheeseburgers while hanging out and fishing. Stardust also offers private charters, perfect for large family gatherings and corporate outings.

Channel Island Sportfishing

Standing on a fleet of twelve boats, daily fishing reports, and an impressive history of bringing in humongous yellowtail, salmon, ling cod, barracuda, and more, Channel Island Sportfishing is one of the more impressive charters in Santa Barbara. Passengers also get to hang out in the scenic Channel Islands National Park all day, not a bad perk.


Take a more intimate excursion with Marlborough Man look-alike Captain David Bacon on his 6-passenger charter boat. A smaller vessel with fewer people allows for a more peaceful and educational experience where the captain can work one-on-one with you from casting to filleting a big catch.