A Few Ways to Dive into the Santa Barbara Art Scene


Santa Barbara and the state of California as a whole have long been regarded as havens for inspiring artists, musicians and progressive thinkers alike. From this colorful reputation, a wealth of new work continues to pour out of the west coast and stands on top of the foundational creative works of decades past to create beautiful artistic cultures. With several angles and approaches to dissecting, understanding and exploring these pocketed worlds of brilliant thought, we’ve decided to put down a few ways for tourists and visitors to delve deep into the Santa Barbara art scene.


Santa Barbara has several venues for the daily and vast exploration of established and celebrated works of art. The most pronounced and obvious place to start is at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Constantly presenting several exhibitions and churning out new ones, this museum is a wonderful avenue into the Santa Barbara arts scene. Some other places to check out some great work include: the Artamo Gallery, Sullivan Goss, the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum and the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Local Artists

The Santa Barbara Studio Artists is a collection of local artists whose work speaks wonderfully to the less-discovered work of the area. From abstract sculptors to surreal painters, the variety of creation that can be explored and discussed amongst these creators is quite vast. Many of the artists have local studios that are easily accessible for visitors to come and browse for a more intimate viewing experience.


There are several ways to participate in artistic activities through a relaxed, social and educational medium in Santa Barbara. Drink wine and learn how to recreate a great painting at The Painted Cabernet. With several other options ranging from drinking, cooking, painting, photography and more, the opportunity to make some art in Santa Barbara extends to all skill and interest levels. It’s definitely something different and a great activity to give your trip a little bit of local flavor.