Hotel Milo SUmmer in the Park

Celebrate summer in Santa Barbara—our “Yoga in the Park” series with Lolë launches at Hotel Milo this June

This summer, take advantage of the beauty of Santa Barbara and stay fit, by participating in Santa Barbara yoga just outside Hotel Milo in Ambassador Park! We savor every minute we’re outdoors and our morning practice, so this summer we’re marrying the two by embracing outdoor yoga!

Join us every third Saturday of the month for Hotel Milo’s Summer in the Park Yoga series with Lolë, an active womenswear line committed to wellness. The event is open to the public and attendees are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats (there will also be mats on hand available for loan).  Guests can also take advantage of our 20% off discount to Lolë so they can continue their commitment to wellness even after they’ve returned home.

Practicing Santa Barbara yoga outdoors provides a multitude of health benefits and advantages, such as:

Connect with nature: Within the confines of a yoga studio you are not able to fully connect with nature. Enjoy the feeling of the grass beneath your feet (or mat) and an ocean view! Yoga literally is defined as “union with self” and there is no better way to obtain this connection than by being in harmony with nature.

Stay Fit:  Take your yoga practice to an entirely new level. Still working on the perfect triangle?  Perhaps the new terrain will help or maybe you find mirrors distracting?  With our outdoor practice, you can pause and stare at the ocean.

Break Even: While in Santa Barbara you may also find yourself indulging in other pleasures, such as our wines, craft breweries and delicious local food. With a morning practice, you will break even at least a bit.

The Lolë and Hotel Milo partnership is a fitting one that helps to promote a culture of wellness and health that already permeates daily life in Santa Barbara.  Lolë is dedicated to being more than simply a line of womenswear.  Lolë aims to unite individuals in the communities where they are located by hosting events open to the community.   While practicing yoga outdoors in Santa Barbara this summer our Lolë instructors will guide you through a series of poses that will not only help you engage with the community but help you to find oneness and stillness with yourself in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

Upcoming Summer in the Park Yoga Series Dates:

  • June 14th
  • July 12th
  • August 9th
  • September 13th