One of the area’s longest running and most beloved attractions, the Santa Barbara Zoo is a must-visit for Santa Barbara visitors with kids. Featuring more than 500 animals, rides and picnic areas alongside a slew of different attractions and events, the amount of things to do and ways to entertain the family far outweigh the amount of time in a day.

A visit to the zoo is especially enticing for Hotel Milo guests, as our very own Santa Barbara Zoo Package features two complimentary zoo tickets and a zoo-themed kiddie gift bag. To provide readers with a bit of a highlight reel what we love at the zoo, here’s a short list of our favorite attractions and animals at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Climbing Wall

The Santa Barbara Zoo’s climbing wall provides kids a fun 26-foot-tall bit of adventure to accompany the thrill of the animals. Dubbed a climb for the condors, there’s a bit of adventurous imagination thrown into the mix.

Giraffe Feeding

Their long necks and foreignness to the United States makes giraffes one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring species at the zoo. Here in Santa Barbara, guests can approach these larger-than-life creatures and hand feed them a little treat.

Zoo Train

A favorite amongst the kids, the zoo train takes easy and fun trips around the outskirts of the zoo grounds. Besides visual delight provided by these C.P. Huntington trains, it’s also an easy way to get a quick lay of the land at this amazing property.

Animal Kitchen

For an interesting, behind-the-scenes look into the zoo, plan a visit to Animal Kitchen. This program invites guests to watch the way food is prepared for the animals. The attraction also features some education on how the staff creates healthy and tasty meals. The blend of information and interaction wonderfully exemplifies the full-tilt effort for the Santa Barbara Zoo to provide a thoroughly enjoyable and expansive guest experience.

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