Santa Barbara is known for fantastic shopping; from the store-packed streets of Downtown and Paseo Nuevo, to tiny boutiques tucked into random alleys and plazas, the town is filled with unique shops and special finds. While you might have to find your favorite brand names elsewhere, here’s our guide to Santa Barbara’s best independent shops:

Chaucer’s Books

Chaucer’s Bookstore has long been one of Santa Barbara locals’ most cherished independent bookstores and shops. Packed from floor to ceiling with books, the store evokes an old charm that is becoming harder and harder to find. With an incredible selection and a very knowledgeable staff, you’re sure to leave with something you love!

Chaucer’s Books. 3321 State Street. 805 682 6787.

Tri-County Produce

While you won’t do your typical SB shopping at Tri County Produce, this independent, local market is a must for anyone who loves and appreciates healthy, organic food. Find freshly ground peanut and almond butter, homemade baked goods and juices, and an impressive selection of fruits and veggies. The open-air store is right near the beach, so stop by on your way back for refreshing snacks and a taste of the Santa Barbara lifestyle.

Tri-County Produce. 335 South Milpas. 805 965 4558.

Plum Goods

Plum Goods is actually two neighboring shops on State Street, proudly featuring handcrafted, local goods. One shop offers everything you could want in home goods, gifts, jewelry and more, while the second shop sells sustainable clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women. This is a store you can feel not only feel good supporting ethically, but also come home with something truly unique.

Plum Goods. 909 State Street. 805 845 3900.

Wendy Foster

Wendy Foster is such a quintessential Santa Barbara brand that the store has expanded to include five shops throughout town, all of which embody the local style. These beautifully curated boutiques carry designer cashmere, dainty jewelry, and only the best smelling candles. Find your SB wardrobe here, and prepared to splurge!

Wendy Foster. 833 State Street. 805 966 2276.

Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark is an old favorite of local Santa Barbarans—filled with antiques, unique home goods, and special gifts, it is the perfect place to find something to bring home with you to remember SB. As a bonus, the store is located in the beautiful La Arcada Plaza, so you’ll have the chance to see that hidden gem while you shop. In the winter months, it is also one of the most beautiful Christmas shops for decorations and ornaments in town!

Lewis & Clark. 1116 State Street. 805 962 6034.