stearn wharf

In Santa Barbara you can enjoy a host of restaurants on Stearns Wharf that provide not only gorgeous views but fantastic food. Stearns Wharf is one of the most popular destinations in Santa Barbara and the sweeping views of the pacific are indeed stunning. There are several great restaurants in Santa Barbara which are great choices to experience fresh local seafood. Char West (221 Stearns Wharf) offers tasty food to-go;the shrimp and chips are a favorite dish. Harbor restaurant (210 Stearns Wharf) provides a romantic setting with fantastic seafood to boot. Watch the sunset while dining at Longboards Grill (210 Stearns Wharf) the extensive menu makes it a great choice for the entire family. Moby Dick Restaurant (220 Stearns Wharf) is another favorite on the wharf, they have host of lobster options and standout dishes include the lobster bisque as well as their Main Lobster dinner. The Santa Barbara Shellfish Company (230 Stearns Wharf) is located at the end of the pier, stay on the lookout for their frequent specials, which are a great value. Poplar specials include the Rock Crab specials which is a favorite amongst locals.

For a sweet treat at the end of your meal stop by the Great Pacific ice Cream Co. (219 Stearns Wharf), creamy delicious goodness plus they also have waffle cones. There’s also Mother Stearns Candy Co. (219 Stearns Wharf) which is a must see for any taffy aficionado.