Active couple walking on the beach

Summer is upon us, which means that it’s time to hit the beach in Santa Barbara. These gorgeous stretches of Southern California come with all the sunshine and warm water you need. But for some more inspiration on how to have fun in the sun, we put together a short list of fun beach activities to do in Santa Barbara.

Take A Beach Walk

From beach trails, to coastal strolls, to cliffside bluff viewpoints, the beach walks in Santa Barbara offer a wide range of experiences. You can start off by heading to the coastline right across the street from Hotel Milo and cruising over to Stearns Wharf. For more ideas, check out our post on Santa Barbara’s Best Beach Walks.

Check Out Some Local Art

On Sundays, the Santa Barbara Art Walk brings local flavor to Cabrillo Boulevard with a number of pop-up vendor stands run by local artists. Again, right by Hotel Milo, this Art Walk offers you some fun shopping activities that can go hand-in-hand with some toes-in-the-sand strolling.

Make A Picnic

One of the best beach activities of all time—regardless what city you’re in—is going for a picnic. Check out some of the wine tasting rooms in the Funk Zone neighborhood, and grab something local to drink discreetly with some cheese and meats from a local grocer. This along with a Santa Barbara breezy beach day will be the most satisfying.

Read A Good Book

THe beach provides a serene, quiet place where it’s easier for one to get lost in the story of a good book. Right now, the bestseller list features a number of iconic authors including Nora Roberts, Stephen King, and President Bill Clinton. Pick something that sparks your interest on the way to Santa Barbara, and cruise through it during a nice relaxing beach day.

Gaze At A Sunset

One of the best parts about being on the west coast is seeing the sunset over the ocean. Make sure you take time to do this while staying in Santa Barbara, because the colors are sure to mess your heart. If you can enjoy one right from the beach itself, that’s even better.