A couple in their mid- 50's enjoy an extended hike in the Pacific Northwest. They seem happy and content, the sun shining brightly through the trees. Shot in Washington State.

Home to one of the most dynamic and gorgeous physical landscapes in the country, Santa Barbara is a great place to take a hike. The mountains, the ocean, the beach and a wealth of natural beauty create a scenic and sensually satisfying atmosphere.

To offer some guidance on the best ways to get outdoors, exercise a bit and explore some visually breathtaking landscapes, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the best hikes in Santa Barbara.

The Front Country

The front country is a region on the southern slopes of the Santa Ynez Mountains. This area hosts some of Santa Barbara’s favorite and most popular trails.

3 Pools Beyond 7 Falls is a relatively rigorous hike, but the effort is well worth the destination of 3 natural pools. This trip offers excitement with some boulder climbing and the option of a fifteen-foot cliff jump.

Inspiration Point is another popular front country hike. There’s a relatively short trail and a longer path for those looking to have an extended hike. Both paths end at Inspiration Point, which offers an extraordinary view of the city and ocean from upwards of 1750 feet.

Some other popular trails and hikes available in Santa Barbara’s front country include Arroyo Burro Trail, Cathedral Peak, Cold Spring Trail, Gaviota Peak and Hot Spring, Inspiration Point, and Romero Canyon Trail.

Beach Hikes

In regards to beach walks, your options are plentiful and mostly gorgeous.

Arroyo Burro Beach, also known as Hendry’s Beach, offers simple access to the water, and some gorgeous tidepools and beach rocks. It’s popular for dog lovers, so travelers who miss their pooch can head hear and see locals walking their own.

Leadbetter Beach is a convenient spot for Hotel Milo guests to stroll to along Santa Barbara Harbor. Coastal Cliffs give you elevated views of the horizon, which are especially breathtaking around sunset.

For a few more options, check out our guide to Santa Barbara’s Best Beach Walks.