The Santa Barbara Zoo is one of the most popular family-friendly attractions in the area. When you come, be sure to get your kids or loved ones excited by telling them about some of its most popular animals, among which there are monkeys, sea animals, and birds.

The Asian Small-Clawed Otter

Asian Small-Clawed Otters are among the most adorable creatures in the animal kingdom, and their semiaquatic makeup makes them quite entertaining. Hailing all the way from Southeast Asia, this brilliant animal is a rare sight in Southern California, making it a treasure for the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Western Lowland Gorilla

The Western Lowland Gorilla is a powerful and majestic animal that often garners a lot of attention at The Santa Barbara Zoo. It’s one of two subspecies of the western gorilla, and it hails from lowland swamps of Central Africa in countries like Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, and Angola. These critically endangered animals can weigh up to 400 lbs.

Amur Leopard

The Amur Leopard is covered in classic orange fur with black, circular spots patterned all over it. Also a critically endangered species, its presence at the Santa Barbara Zoo is inspiration for important conversation regarding such animals with guests and families. These magnificent cats hail from southeastern Russia and China. The zoo is also home to snow leopards.

Chilean Flamingo

The Chilean Flamingo is a species of large flamingo that has beautiful light pink and white feathers, and long, thin legs. These colorful birds are popular amongst the children who visit the Santa Barbara Zoo, and they are a close relative of the American flamingo. These amazing birds can stand as tall as 4 ½ feet.

White-Handed Gibbon

Also known as the lar gibbon, this endangered primate is in the running for the cutest animal at the Santa Barbara Zoo. A member of the endangered primate gibbon family, these small, furry monkeys are known for their long limbs, from which they hang in the trees. This is a popular zoo animal that hails from the forests of China.