One of Santa Barbara’s most proud institutions is their branch of the widespread University of California. UCSB is one of the most sought after of the California universities with its happy and fun reputation. Students, locals and tourists all enjoy the natural and geographic splendor that makes Santa Barbara an extraordinary destination. One source of pride and connection amongst all these different walks of life is an athletic team. The UCSB Men’s soccer team is one of the most competitive in the country and they’re currently in the midst of an intense season.

Back in 2006, the Gauchos won the NCAA Men’s Division I championship, bringing an exciting and tumultuous season to a celebratory close. This accomplishment gave Santa Barbara a new and fun source of local enjoyment. This southern California destination is known for beautiful beaches and rolling, oceanside hills. A major part of what’s nice about many of Santa Barbara’s assets is the simple loveliness of being outdoors.

Having a local team that’s consistently competitive on the national stage gives everybody in Santa Barbara a unique outdoor source of entertainment. There’s a palpable energy at these games that would be sure to give some new fans an expectedly fun night out in Santa Barbara. That energy will be bursting at the seams during the playoffs and NCAA tournament this November and December.

Guests of Hotel Milo looking for something out of the ordinary during their stay in Santa Barbara should really take advantage of an opportunity to watch this team play. And, maybe, for those who will be in town for the playoffs, they will be able to see the Gauchos make a bid to reclaim their title from 2006. Either way, it promises to be a nice, fun evening outside.