The Pacific Coast Highway is the main line of any quintessential West Coast roadtrip. The oceanside road, also known as California State Route 1, runs up and down most of the coastline and is the scenic connector for Los Angeles and San Francisco. Along the way, there’s the quaint little city of Santa Barbara nestled between the Santa Ynez Mountains and ocean. Road trippers are invited to stop here at Hotel Milo for a night or three during their trip. Below are some tips for your travels beyond.

Sunrise at Milo


Get things off on the right foot by watching the sunrise from our hotel. The Milo’s beachside property in Santa Barbara faces South-Southeast so early birds have a beautiful view of the rising sun over the the mountains. Watch the skies over the ocean lighten as the sun works its way above the horizon.



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Just under an hour from Santa Barbara, the tiny town of Solvang is a must stop. The Danish outpost (settled in 1911 by Scandinavian Midwesterners seeking warmer weather) is an intriguing little retreat in Southern California that is famously reminiscent of its motherland Denmark. Sample Old World sausage and meatballs from the Red Viking Restaurant, and stroll about the quaint village with its mountain-town aesthetic.

Pismo Beach


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About another hour up the PCH, Pismo Beach is a quiet little beach town perfect for an overnight. Known as one of the clam capitals of the world, it’s a great spot for seafood—especially at Splash Café Pismo Beach where the chowder is to die for.

Big Sur


Further north, Big Sur is where the Santa Lucia Mountains cascade steeply into the dark blue nook of the Pacific Ocean. One of the most recognizable landscapes on the West Coast, it’s a major destination for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, and something of a poster child for the entire Pacific Coast Highway.

San Francisco

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The last major stop that you need to hit on your ultimate PCH Getaway is the hilly, artful and historical city of San Francisco. Drop by a Giants game, take a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, and eat some seafood at the Fisherman’s Wharf during your stay in this charming centerpiece of Northern California culture.

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