Montecito is a gorgeous unincorporated community and census-designated part of Santa Barbara County, and is in many ways its own distinct town. In the heart of the area with some coastline, it’s an area stock full of entertaining and vibrant destinations. Here are the places we think you should see while in Montecito.


Officially known as Ganna Walska Lotusland, this non-profit botanical garden is one of the coolest places to visit in Montecito. The garden is a historic estate of Madame Ganna Walksa, who was a Polish opera singer and garden enthusiast. The space was ranked among the 10 Best Gardens in the World by the UK’s Telegraph.

Lotusland. Cold Spring Rd.  

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is a gorgeous beach along Channel Drive in Montecito. It’s a well known destination for Santa Barbara locals, travelers and dog walkers. You can park for free here to come sunbathe, swim, walk along coastal trails, ride bikes, and even go fishing.

Butterfly Beach. Montecito, CA

Birnam Wood Golf Club

One of the top rated golf courses in Santa Barbara County and Montecito, Birnam Wood Golf CLub is a private, full-service course with professionally landscaped greens and fairways. It’s also home to a critically-acclaimed clubhouse restaurant, tennis courts, and a fitness gym

Birnam Wood Golf Club. 1941 E Valley Rd.

Casa del Herrero

Translated to House of the Blacksmith, the Casa del Herrero Estate is a preserved piece of Montecito history well worth exploring. Known as one of the best examples of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture there is, this nationally recognized historic landmark has brilliant gardens and 1920’s furnishings.

Casa del Herrero. 1387 E Valley Rd.

Manning Park

Manning Park is small, peaceful and lovely park located in Montecito. The former estate of a wealthy Montecito native, it’s now home to campgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts and a historic carriage house.

Manning Park. Montecito, CA