people riding through the park on bikesFor over 40 years, Elings Park has been a picturesque setting for Santa Barbara locals and travelers to find some peace and beauty. Equipped for a range of recreational games and adventures, events, and more, Elings Park has more than enough elements to fall in love with.

The Trails

The Mesa Trails wind through Elings Park, and along them walkers and runners can enjoy stunning views of the Santa Barbara Channel. On Wednesdays, the Mesa trails Series invites athletes to participate in 5K or 3K runs followed by barbecues with music, food and beer.

The Size

The size of Elings Park is one of its most attractive qualities. At 230 acres, this non-profit establishment is the largest privately funded park in the United States. We value this, because it allows for the diverse and eclectic offerings at Elings that range from mountain biking to wedding receptions.

Elings Park Events

With is broad and eclectic landscape, Elings Park hosts a range of events that are fun for locals and travelers. Over the past year, it played host for gatherings that include the Santa Barbara Beer Festival, Mesa Music Night, a Hawaiian-themed charity party, and an Easter Egg Hunt.


Elings Park is home to a beautiful wedding venue, where you can get married on a gorgeous cliff overlooking the water with trees and green grass all around. The sunsets up here are brilliant, and views of the mountain range breathtaking. All in all, wedding venues can’t get much more beautiful than this.

Extreme Sports

If you’re not getting married, you can also come to Elings Park to find some memorable adventures in the form of extreme sports outings. The park is a popular jumping off point for paragliding and hang gliding excursions. It’s also a destination for BMX and mountain bikers to find some thrills.