State & Fig is a classic American restaurant in the heart of Santa Barbara. Outdoor seating offers entertaining views of downtown while inside there’s an understated dining room with specials on a chalkboard and classy, dark wood tables. Come here for an afternoon sandwich, cocktails or an easy dinner after a day of shopping and before a show.


State & Fig is one of the best restaurants in Santa Barbara, located a ten-minute drive up State Street from Hotel Milo. Guests can also walk to the lunch and dinner spot, stopping at De La Guerra Plaza and Stearns Wharf on the way.

What to Try

When beginning your meal at State & Fig consider ordering one of their toasts or soups. This isn’t Boston, but you might forget that when you taste the New England clam chowders—one of the best bowls we’ve had on the West Coast, with smoked bacon and local clams mixed in. Of the many toasts the restaurant serves, our favorite is the eponymous State & Fig option, which offers a grilled crostini with ricotta, fig jam, arugula and lemon.

Moving to the main course, there are several options to choose from. The Fig Burger is a half-pound patty with caramelized onions, smoked bacon, fig jam, bleu cheese and arugula. Another dynamite option is the mushroom risotto served with portobello, crimini, pecorino, truffle oil and thyme. For those who can’t get enough of Santa Barbara’s famed seafood, try the tagliatelle with a calamari bolognese served under lemon breadcrumbs.